THE BRONX - Some Bronx dog owners say the borough does not have adequate parks for them to take their pooches to and are demanding answers from the city.

Frequent visitors of Williamsbridge Oval Park say the 280-square foot space has big problems and is not suitable for their pets. They say the fence around the park is falling apart, the gate doesn?t close and the wooden chips on the floor cut the dogs? paws.

Some owners even say the filthy conditions are making the dogs sick.

A group of park patrons have drawn up plans for a new dog run using existing space in the park. However, they say the Department of Parks and Recreation turned down their proposal because there wont? be enough money after the park renovations are completed.

Even so, the dog run committee remains committed to get a new play pen for their pups.

The Bronx has only five dog runs while Manhattan has 24.

The parks department has not returned News 12 The Bronx?s calls.