THE BRONX - Parents are outraged tonight, saying they aren't getting the answers they need concerning their children who were exposed to a toxic chemical contamination at a city school.

P.S. 51 in Belmont was shut down for the school year by Department of Education officials back in August. Parents were sent a letter stating that students would be moved to another building two miles away. New York State's Health and Environmental Conservation departments are now investigating if the health of the students, teachers and staff are at risk.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says that he has been getting complaints from many parents who say that their kids are suffering from nausea, migraines and stomachaches.

Parents are now asking officials to create a health registry that tracks anyone who may have been exposed to the toxin.

Officials say the investigation is in its last phase and that they are currently assessing any health hazards that may have been caused by the contamination. They expect to make their recommendations to the city by the summer.

Concerned P.S. 51 parents attend meeting about toxins in schoolP.S. 51 to be relocated due to chemical contamination