THE BRONX - With the school year approaching, many Bronx parents are finding that enrolling their children into public pre-kindergarten programs is nearly impossible. Many public pre-K programs in the Bronx are at full capacity this year, leaving many young children without an education.One mother, Sharmille Hoopnaine, says her daughter has been on a waiting list since March. A representative from the New York City Department of Education says in most cases school officials do not have a complete head count until the first day of class.Hoopnaine says she is worried her daughter will have to go another year without an education.The executive director at The Bronx Community College Child Development Center says parents need to know they have other options.?Pre-kindergarten programs don?t necessarily have to be in public schools, there are community based organization[s] who have contracts with the NYCDOE to provide full universal pre-K services,? says director Jorge Saenz-de-Viteri.