THE BRONX - A panel approved all co-location proposals for several Bronx schools.

This means several schools will be merged with others and exist in the same building. While classes will be separate, students will share cafeteria, gymnasium and library facilities.

Bronx Success Academy 1 will be merged with P.S. 30. The New School and Bronx Haven High School will be placed in the same building as Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical High School.

Bronx Success Academy 2 will be expanded into P.S. 146. New Visions Charter School and New Vision High School will move into JFK High School.

Two new schools - P.S. 529 and 532 - will start in the same building as M.S. 142 on Baychester Avenue. The Bronx Little School will be moved into the same building as P.S. 102 Loretan on Archer Street.