THE BRONX - Parents at P.S 70 are outraged after discovering that the principal of the school allegedly interrogated students about one of the teachers and then allegedly threatened to suspend them if they told their parents about it.

Parents claim Principal Kerry Castellano and other school administrators questioned some 20 second-graders about the disciplinary methods of their teacher Jonathan Alejandro. They also say school officials forced students to write statements against Alejandro.

Sources tell News 12 The Bronx Alejandro, who also serves as a chess coach at the school, clashed with the principal last year, when Castellano allegedly refused to pay Alejandro for escorting his students to a chess tournament. Now, parents at the school are furious that the principal allegedly used students to fulfill her personal revenge.

?Using kids to get to a teacher, that's ridiculous,? says parent Rosa Caceras. ?She's not caring of the outcome of the kids. My daughter is an emotional wreck.?

Many parents are calling for Castellano to resign.