THE BRONX - Parents of children enrolled at Girls Prep are concerned with the enrollment hold put on the middle school.

The elementary school opened five years ago, and its oldest students in attendance are preparing to transition into middle school. But according to school officials, Public Advocate Leticia James filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education due to the favored treatment of charter schools. This put enrollment on hold for the new middle school.

If the lawsuit is still going on come September, parents will have to find a new school for their girls. Many parents say they are not pleased with the other options in the South Bronx.

Ian Rowe, CEO of the Public Prep Network, says other schools in the area have less than 10 percent of their students passing state reading and math exams. Meanwhile, teachers at Girls Prep say the school has the highest possible rating on the DOE's progress report.

Public Advocate James has not commented on the lawsuit, but Mayor de Blasio said today that no one wants a double standard that favors charter schools over traditional public schools.