THE BRONX - A plan to expand a school in the Bronx is being met with some criticism Tuesday.

The School Construction Authority plans to add a three-story annex to P.S. 14. However, some residents say better planning and more communication is needed.

Parent Giana Dell'Olio says the expansion will make a busy area even busier. She says the work could back up traffic on the Bruckner Service Road even more.

Other parents are concerned because they say the extension will take over a nearby park that is used for graduation and school events.

"So we do need to have this extension and we're all for it but it needs to be an extension that is safe," says business owner John Cerini. "So we just need to make sure that the School Construction Authority keeps us in the loop and communicates with us." 

The SCA plans to start construction by October. The project is expected to take three years.

A meeting on the project will be held Thursday at P.S. 14.