THE BRONX - Teachers at an overheated day care are working to keep kids cool, and say the building?s landlord has been uncooperative.

The Primary Foundation Educational Center, at 2045 Story Ave., has 29 children in two classes but is struggling to keep up enrollment as the weather gets warmer says its director, Catherine Hill.

Hill says the day care?s landlord, Stellar Management, is dragging its feet in giving her permission to set up an air conditioner. Hill says she has agreed to pay for it, but cannot move forward until the landlord gives it approval.

?We?ve already lost a couple of children to this when they?re hot and ? not focused on their education,? Hill says.

One parent says the heat has affected her son?s health.

?[The] day before yesterday he had an asthma attack and I had to rush him to the emergency [room],? says Eva Smit.

Hill has resorted to cooling the kids off at the park, but some parents believe that takes away from their Head Start program.

?Being in the park all day, everyday because the [air conditioner?s] not working, I think that?s very insufficient for these kids,? says parent Franchesca Barber.

Stellar Management declined comment to News 12 The Bronx about the day care.