THE BRONX - For some parents in the Bronx, getting their kids uniforms for the first day back at school required a lot of waiting.

The line outside Flynn and O'Hara Uniforms on Wednesday wrapped around the street and down Westchester Avenue. Some customers said the entire process took them three hours.

"This is just what we do, last-minute shopping. Unfortunately this is the price we pay," says Viviana Hidalgo. "Stand on line for a couple of hours to get a couple of pieces of clothing for school."

Flynn and O'Hara' President Shawn Flynn says that the long wait is inevitable when people wait until the last minute.

"Unfortunately sales have diminished in May, June and July and increased in August and increased in September," he says. "So it causes a lousy experience for the customer."

Flynn says that the best way to avoid the long waits is to shop online. He says everything available in stores can be ordered from the company's website and delivered within three days.