THE BRONX - Parents say they are frustrated about being ticketed in front of P.S. 81 while picking their kids up from school.

The parents say they are sometimes forced to quickly double-park their cars in front of the Riverdale Avenue school at dismissal. Some say that it is the only way to park since the school does not have any dedicated spaces.

Police officers have been present at dismissal over the past two weeks, leaving $115 tickets on the double-parked vehicles. Parents say they blame police for the hassle, but one 50th Precinct officer says that the school called and told them to address the issue. Another officer said that a patrol car was knifed in front of the school Monday, presumably by disgruntled parents.

City Councilman Andrew Cohen said in a statement, "I intend on reaching out to the principal of P.S. 81 and the 50th Precinct so that we can create a legal and safe drop-off area for parents and children."