THE BRONX - The parents of a 3-year-old Bronx boy who was left on a school bus for six hours last month are suing the bus company and demanding Bronx school buses be outfitted with alarm systems that prevent drivers from leaving kids behind.

Jose Lopez and Marisol Tirado, 3-year-old Gabby?s parents, say their son is still coping with anxiety after being left on the bus for so long. They think the incident could have been prevented if Bronx school buses were equipped with child safety technology that some schools buses have in other states.

The alarm system Gabby?s parents have suggested is activated each time the driver turns the key of the bus. The alarm remains activated until the driver walks to the back of the bus and presses a button to turn it off. If the driver attempts to turn the bus off without pressing the button, an alarm rings.

Tirado and Lopez believe the alarm system would have reminded the driver to look through the seats for children left on the bus before leaving Gabby behind for the whole school day.

News 12 The Bronx reached out to Pinnacle Bus Service to see if the company might consider installing the alarm system, but it did not return the call.