Parents worry about students crossing 5-point intersection near P.S. 214

Pedestrians say it’s dangerous to walk through West Farms and Tremont avenues. (5/2/14)

THE BRONX - Parents and kids from P.S. 214 complain they're crossing at their own risk at a chaotic five-point intersection near the school. 

Teachers and parents say they worry about the hundreds of students who walk through West Farms and Tremont avenues each day. 

Pedestrians not only have to dodge speeding cars going straight through the crosswalks, but they also have to watch for vehicles turning into the intersection. 

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Traveling to school Friday morning was even more hectic than usual. According to parents, there were only two crossing guards handling the traffic as opposed to the usual three. 

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo says that her office plans to address the safety concerns with the Department of Transportation, as well as the NYPD and local community board. 

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