THE BRONX - Parishioners at a Mott Haven church are praying for their house of worship to be saved.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church on East 140th Street is slated to close on Aug. 31, but its 100-person congregation is holding onto faith and holding fundraisers to try and change that.

The church has been open for more than 40 years. Those who've been attending service here for decades say they can't imagine going to another location to worship.

Parishioners showed News 12 a letter from the Metropolitan New York Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which oversees Lutheran churches across the city.

In the letter, they were informed that St. Peter's will be shut down because of its inability to financially sustain itself.

On average, about 75 parishioners regularly attend Sunday service at the church. 

The community says it's vital that the church remain open because it has a food pantry that feeds between 500 and 1,000 people each month.