THE BRONX - Residents in Parkchester are calling for a safer crosswalk.

They say the traffic light in the Metropolitan Oval is poorly placed, and people crossing the street are forced to walk into oncoming traffic.

Residents say the Bx22 bus blocks the view of the street when it stops in front of the crosswalk, making it unclear when it's safe for pedestrians to cross.

They say it's not just drivers they have to watch for, but also reckless buses that drive through the walkway.

William Rivera, of Community Board 9, says the solution is to add more traffic lights or move the bus stop.  

He reached out to the Department of Transportation in April, but a spokesperson told News 12 they were not aware of the situation until yesterday.

The spokesperson says the department will work with the MTA to see if anything should be done.

Residents should call 311 to report any concerns.