PARKCHESTER - The Real Estate Board of New York has compiled information and statistics that show the three most desirable Bronx neighborhoods to live in are Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil and Parkchester.

The board started a Web site in September 2007 to help people find homes in the city. They used the searches from the site to compile the list of neighborhoods. Among the top three, Parkchester ranks second.

?It?s like a rural neighborhood,? resident Vanessa Goodwin says. ?You?ve got your shopping areas here, the people are friendly, they clean up everything ? you don?t have to worry about anything out here.?

The board says that contradictory to the nationwide housing market slump, real estate values in the Bronx rose an average of 11 percent since last year. However, some Parkchester residents say building owners are forcing lower-income families out to cater to more middle-and-upper income groups.

?It?s very frustrating, especially for people that?s on SSI, welfare and section 8,? resident Ebenita Wright says. ?I mean, you gotta cater to all of us.?

Even with the mix of opinions, a majority of people News 12 The Bronx spoke to say they do like the neighborhood.