THE BRONX - Drivers who park at one Bedford Park parking garage will have to shell out a little more money to leave their cars.

The garage at 401 Bedford Park Blvd. was billed as an affordable place for people to leave their cars when it opened in April. Back then, it cost $110 per month, but now the price has jumped to $135.

People who park in the garage say the Jan. 1 price hike came out of the blue, but the owner says it's still affordable, considering there is 24-hour security and hundreds of spots.

One driver tells News 12 The Bronx that he believes the sudden jump in price was a "gotcha" move.

The contract for the spots are on a month-to-month basis, so the garage's management is authorized to change the price at any time. It's unclear if prices are set to rise again any time soon.