THE BRONX - The New York City Parks Department has proposed a $2.6 million renovation project for Crotona Park in the Bronx.

The Parks Department says it plans to renovate the entrance and pathway surrounding the Crotona Park swimming pool, including much of the walls and fences surrounding the area located along Fulton Avenue at 172nd Street.

Although improvements were made to the park's pool in 2014, certain areas remain in disrepair.

The plan was recently bid on, but not successfully awarded, according to a spokesperson for the Parks Department. It will be put up for a bid again.

Once the plan is approved, city officials say construction would not begin for another nine months and an anticipated 12 months of construction will follow.

They added that because the park entrance is considered a landmarked structure, the work is more expensive with stricter building guidelines.

"The upkeep of Crotona Park is a high priority for us," says Bronx Parks Commissioner Iris Rodriguez-Rosa. "We understand the importance of this project and look forward to its completion."

The Parks Department is seeking mayoral and City Council funding.