THE BRONX - Two Bronx residents were among dozens arrested for allegedly running a multistate prescription drug network.

Dr. Hector Castro was arrested at his Grammercy office for allegedly selling oxycodone at $125 per prescription. His office manager, Bronx resident Patricia Valera, was arrested at her home on Sheridan Avenue along with her husband, Hector Rodriguez.

The couple is accused of forging prescriptions for oxycodone and sellling them for $500 per order.

Agents say they broke the case after a fatal oxycodone overdose.

Valera, Castro and Rodriguez are among nearly 50 suspects in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that were taken into custody by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The pills and fake prescriptions allegedly netted more than $10 million on the black market, and 30 weapons were seized during the DEA's operation.

The three New York suspects have all pleaded not guilty to their charges and are due back in Manhattan Supreme Court on April 11.