THE BRONX - A worn-down horse stable on Pelham Parkway South was sold Monday, but its previous owner isn't giving up without a fight.

The property was auctioned to the highest bidder after it was foreclosed on. One-time owner Buster Marengo fell behind on his tax payments, forcing the stable out of his hands.

Marengo was a longtime target of politicians, residents and animal rights activists who claim he mistreated the horses he kept. The Department of Buildings has also condemned the barn on the property.

People in the neighborhood say they've seen horses struggling without food or water, and that they're left to walk around in their own manure.

However, Marengo still owns the horses, and has filed an order with a judge to prevent the sale before it is finalized.

In Marengo's defense, a friend says he loves his horses and would tend to them 24 hours a day if he could.