THE BRONX - Tenants in one building of the Pelham Parkway Houses are speaking out today, saying deteriorating building conditions are making life harder for them.

Antonia and Charles Knapp say cracks in their bedroom wall that allow water to seep in have prevented them from getting a good night's sleep in five years. The Knapps say they have called 311 several times, but the New York City Housing Association (NYCHA) never showed up.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca and his director of housing services, Ritchie Torres, told News 12 The Bronx that they are currently working to improve the Knapps' and other tenants living conditions. Torres says help took a while to come thanks to a shortage of manpower, resources and funding currently facing NYCHA.

Tenants have a reason to be hopeful, though. Vacca says that dozens of lights have been fixed and crews have installed new, brighter outdoor lights.