THE BRONX - A row of trees along Pelham Parkway have been saved.

A judge granted an injunction to halt the removal of 87 trees along Pelham Parkway. Residents earlier protested the removal of the trees, saying the foliage added to the beauty of the neighborhood. Television personality Regis Philbin, who is a former resident of the area, also took up the cause on his television show.

The city says the trees need to be removed to build guardrails, storm drains and other maintenance issues.

The Pelham Parkway Preservation Alliance is hopeful that the city will sign a contract guaranteeing that only the sick trees will be taken down for the project.Study: Trees on Pelham Parkway pose little threat to motorists Officials visit Pelham Parkway, explain tree-removal plan Save my Bronx trees, says Regis Philbin