THE BRONX - Some Bronx pet owners learned the hard way about the importance of keeping a local veterinarian’s phone number handy in case of a medical emergency.

Brianna Castillo and her father, Randy, owned a pitbull puppy named Chevy who suffered from a heart defect, unbeknownst to them.

After Chevy began to have seizures, Randy Castillo called 911, but they were unable to help. The dog died while Castillo was searching for the number of a local veterinarian.

Dr. Peter Vyorst of the Bronx Veterinary Center says there are certain steps all pet owners can take to make sure they are prepared in during a similar situation. He says pet owners should know the number of a local vet and the address of an emergency clinic. Vyorst says owners should also keep a first-aid kit for pets handy.