PARKCHESTER - Some Bronx leaders have joined forces with Planned Parenthood in an effort to promote safe sex and STD screening.

City Councilwoman Annabel Plama and Planned Parenthood teamed up for National Get Yourself Tested Month. Plama says it's important Bronx residents know about safe sex and why it's crucial to get tested for STDs.

Plama says the Bronx tends to be the leading borough in many health disparities, including STDs, HIV and AIDS.

Planned Parenthood's campaign focuses on getting rid of the stigma that comes along with getting tested. Elizabeth Adams, of Planned Parenthood, says the main reason why so many STDs are still around is because a ton of people don't know their status.

Adams says people should know to use protection and where to get help if they feel they need to be tested.

Volunteers for Planned Parenthood have been handing out packets filled with condoms and stickers to help make Bronx residents aware of the importance of STD screening.