THE BRONX - The city's Planning Department has cleared the way for its Jerome Avenue rezoning proposal to move on to an environmental review.

The plan would allow new business space and affordable housing on Jerome Avenue, but some residents and business owners are skeptical.

"I don't think it's a good idea," says Pedro Monicion, the manager of an auto body shop in the area. "We've been here so many years on Jerome...Are they gonna move us? Where are we gonna go?" 

The plan would cover the span of 73 blocks beginning at McClellan Street and going to 184th Street. 

The environmental review will look at noise factors, transportation, air quality and the potential socioeconomic impacts on the neighborhood.

Plans to bring more affordable housing to the area have been met with resistance from the community; some business owners are arguing the area is already congested with traffic, and that adding more would create problems.

A formal meeting will be held on Sept. 29 to discuss the environmental review of the plan.

Even if the plan is approved, it would ultimately be the decision of private landowners to exercise the new zoning rules and redevelop.