GRAND CONCOURSE - Plans to build a one-of-a-kind suspension bridge on 153 Street in the Bronx have been put on hold by the city.

The proposed pedestrian bridge would link residents who live on the west side of 153rd Street to the east side.

Jose Rodriguez, of Community Board 4, says that the project's price tag of more than $149 million and the city's struggling economy in 2009 stalled the bridge project. Rodriguez says that the community board plans to revisit the issue with the city especially given that there are several projects already in the works for the area.

The Department of Transportation says despite several attempts by the DOT, stakeholders and the community, no funding has been secured for the 153rd Street bridge in the Bronx.

The community board has placed the construction of the 153rd Street bridge in its capital budget project for the fiscal year of 2016.