THE BRONX - Ten people were indicted in what authorities are calling the largest crackdown on synthetic marijuana in New York City.

Officers and undercover agents swarmed 80 stores across the city Wednesday, looking for the drug often marketed as K2 or Spice.

The raid is part of an indictment against 10 defendants who the U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan says were involved in a massive, citywide distribution and manufacturing of synthetic marijuana. Investigators say the drug wound up on some store shelves.

News 12 followed agents as they confiscated bags of items from a deli on Southern Boulevard in the Bronx. Investigators would not comment on exactly what was removed from the deli.

Law enforcement also raided a bodega on White Plains Road, but nothing was found at that location.

Synthetic marijuana, a hallucinogen, is known to cause harmful and sometimes deadly side effects. It is typically sold in bright-colored packages for as little as $5 a bag.