THE BRONX - Neighbors in a Bronx NYCHA building are terrified after an elderly woman was followed into her apartment and brutally attacked.Police say two men targeted a 75-year-old Hispanic woman as she entered her apartment at the St. Mary's Park Houses. Authorities say the suspects followed her from the elevator and waited for her to go into her 16th-floor apartment. That's when police say they pushed her inside, hit her several times and slashed her throat.The victim was rushed to Lincoln Hospital with two lacerations on the neck and face. Luckily, she is expected to survive.Meanwhile, authorities are investigating the incident as a home invasion, but it's unclear if the men made off with anything.Residents are calling for more police patrols, saying ongoing violence keeps them trapped in their homes. They say they want to see surveillance cameras installed throughout the entire NYCHA complex and the return of a tenant patrol system.