THE BRONX - Police are searching for three men after a home invasion was caught on camera in the Bronx.

The incident happened on June 2 at around 1 a.m.

Police won’t release the exact location to protect the identity of the victim, but say it occurred inside of a residential building around Grand Concourse and East 198th Street.

According to police, the men used a ground level apartment window to gain access inside.

Police say video shows one of the men checking to see if the window is unlocked.  A second man then hops on the edge of the window and up on top of the air conditioner.

He eventually pulls out what appears to be a smart phone, and uses the light on it to get a better look, while the other two suspects remained in the courtyard as lookouts.

Police say the one man was able to gain entry to the 56-year-old victim’s home, and stole $400.