THE BRONX - A Bronx man is safe this morning after police say he was abducted by four armed suspects and thrown into the back of a van. 
It happened on Gillespie and La Salle avenues around 3 p.m. yesterday in Pelham Bay.

Police say they responded to the area after neighbors witnessed the four men chasing the victim down the street and then throwing him into the back of a silver Chrysler Town and Country.
Witnesses say the 33-year-old victim yelled, "Help, this is not a joke."

Police say the man was hiding out in a garage in the area when the men abducted him.

They say the victim walked into the 45th Precinct early this morning in good condition. 

Police say they have identified the man, but are not releasing his identity.

Investigators say they are still searching for the four men responsible for abducting the victim.