NEW YORK - (AP) - A man at the center of a chaotic and deadlypolice shootout in Harlem last week has been arrested.

Angel Alvarez was wounded at least 20 times during a frenziedexchange of gunfire at a crowded block party on Aug. 8.

He was arrested Saturday following his discharge from thehospital.

Police announced the arrest Sunday. They were seeking chargesincluding attempted murder and assault.

Police officials say Alvarez got into a fight as the party brokeup, then wrestled a gun away from the man he was brawling with, andfired as many as four shots at responding police officers.

Police responded with a hail of bullets that killed the otherman who had been in the fight, wounded three innocent bystanders,and hit one officer in the hand and another in the chest.

That officer was saved by his bulletproof vest.