THE BRONX - (AP) - Police say a Bronx nurse found in the woods inWestchester County died of asphyxiation.

The NYPD says Tina Adovasio also suffered blunt trauma to thehead and chest.

Investigators say her husband, Eddy Coello, an ex-policeofficer, is a person of interest. He has not been charged.

The New York Times says Adovasio was granted an order ofprotection from her husband but didn't serve him with the papers.

Her lawyer, Michael Lease, tells the paper she wanted to workthings out.

Coello left the NYPD in 2000 during a domestic violenceinvestigation. He refused Thursday to look at pictures or give aDNA sample to investigators before leaving a police station withhis attorney.

His lawyer tells the Times that Coello now works as aphysician's assistant.

Police: Body of BX nurse found in Westchester

Court documents: BX nurse's husband has violent past Police believe body of missing BX nurse found in Westchester