THE BRONX - The driver of a U-Haul is under arrest after allegedly hitting a pedestrian and causing two car crashes in Hunts Point.

It happened on Southern Boulevard, near Barretto and East 163rd streets, at around 8:30 a.m. Friday.

According to witnesses, the U-Haul hit 17-year-old Amaru Millin, sending him flying a couple yards into the street.

Kyra Walker was driving right in front of the U-Haul and saw the incident. She says she and the U-Haul driver had the right-of-way, but Millin was trying to cross the street anyway.

"My car just missed him, but the truck behind me hit him--he couldn't see him because I have an SUV," she says.

The truck then hit a parked car, sending it up into a storefront.

Police say the 36-year-old U-Haul driver had a suspended license.

Officials say before the accident, the driver caused another crash a block away on Barretto Street and Bruckner Boulevard. Officials say the driver hit a car and fled the scene.

Millin was to taken to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition.