WAKEFIELD - Residents and staff of a Bronx homeless shelter are mourning the death of their shelter director, who police say was fatally shot by a former shelter resident after he tried to rape her.

Police say Ana Charle, 36, was walking to her car near the Wakefield shelter Monday night when she encountered an armed West Spruill, 39. Police say Charle managed to escape from the vehicle before a naked Spruill chased her and shot her three times in the head and chest at the intersection of East 237th Street and Bullard Avenue. 

Officers encountered and arrested a naked and armed Spruill a few blocks away near a car wash.

Shelter residents are struggling to make sense of Charle's death. "She was a beautiful person," said Jemall DeJesus. "Very understanding, zero tolerance for negativity." Residents say Charle also worked to help them get jobs.

According to residents, Charle would park her car a few blocks away from the shelter so people wouldn't know what car she drove.

Spruill, who lived at the shelter for about six months in 2014, now faces a number of charges. Authorities say he has six prior arrests, and he served time in Michigan for assault with a deadly weapon.