MORRISANIA - Police arrested a Bronx man for alleged animal cruelty and possession of narcotics after investigators discovered malnourished pit bulls at his home during a drug raid.

Authorities say they arrested James Hines, 46, of 1226 Tinton Ave. in Morrisania, Wednesday around 6 a.m.

Police entered Hines' apartment on a search warrant and say they found crack cocaine and heroin inside.

Neighbors have accused Hines, also known as "Speedy," of dealing drugs for years. They also say he bred -- and sometimes killed -- dogs in the apartment.

The ASPCA says it removed 10 dogs from the house: nine females and one male. Most of them were kept in cages or makeshift shacks. Police say another five dogs were taken from an outside area where they were shackled and chained. The dogs are described as ranging from fair to poor condition.

Investigators say they think at least four of the dogs spent some time outside during the recent blizzard.

Police say Hines is in custody and charges are pending. They also say he was arrested on a separate animal cruelty charge in March 2015.