THE BRONX - Police say a missing 10-year-old girl has been found safe.

They said that the Celine Hicks was abducted Wednesday around 1 p.m. from her biological mother, Jacqueline Hendricks.

Officials said that Hendricks doesn't have custody of her and wasn't safe when with her mother.

Authorities said the girl was kidnapped from her school in Manhattan, and believed they could have been in the Bronx, Hendricks' last known address. She was last seen wearing a yellow school uniform with "Castle Middle School" embroidered on the front.

Officials also believe that the missing girl's father, Carlos Hicks, may have also been tied to the kidnapping. Celine currently lives with another family member.

They said Hicks is being taken to the hospital. They did not reveal where she was found or what hospital she is in.