THE BRONX - Police have made an arrest after a mother of three was stabbed and killed Wednesday afternoon on Jennings Street as she walked with her children.

Neighbors say 30-year-old Liz Garcia was walking her three children home from school when her boyfriend approached her and stabbed her repeatedly in front of a church at 971 Jennings St.

Witnesses say many children saw the murder because schools had just let out.

Anne-Marie Matthews, who was waiting for her grandson after school, says she thought the man was punching Garcia in the stomach, but soon realized he was stabbing her. She tried to intervene but says she couldn?t see the man?s face behind his hood. According to Matthews, Garcia?s son chased the man down the street after the alleged stabbing. Matthews says Garcia?s children claim the man was their mother?s boyfriend.

Garcia was taken to Lincoln Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her three children were taken to the 42nd precinct Wednesday evening, though authorities were unsure where they would go from there.

Police have not said if the man in custody will be charged.