THE BRONX - Police say an NYPD officer was shot this evening while breaking up an attempted robbery of an elderly man.

According to police, officer Ivan Marcano was shot in the chest when he interrupted the attempted robbery at 85 West Burnside Ave. According to authorities, Marcano witnessed the robbery from a car with his girlfriend.

The suspect opened fire as soon as Marcano identified himself as an officer.

The three suspects then fled the scene in a car with the injured officer and his girlfriend following. After the suspects got into an accident with a livery cab, Marcano shot one of the suspects in the head, killing him. Police are still searching for the other two suspects who fled on foot.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said he was unsure how many rounds the suspect fired and says some of the incident was caught on tape by a nearby security camera.

The 27-year-old officer was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. The suspect that was shot and killed has not been identified.

Police say the robbery was over $80.