THE BRONX - Police released a surveillance video showing the suspect who is allegedly responsible for transit robberies in the Bronx and elsewhere in New York City using one of his victim's credit cards at a McDonald's.

According to investigators, the robber, who is described as a 30-year-old man standing at about 6 feet and weighing around 220 pounds, attacked his first victim on the 4 train platform at Burnside Avenue last month.

Police say the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded property from a subway rider at around 3 a.m. on March 24. Two days later, police say the suspect struck again around the same time on an A train platform in Manhattan.

"It's crazy how there [are] people out there who are hungry and will do anything to get something in their pockets," says subway rider J.J. Marquez.

However, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says crime is at a record low, and straphangers are safer now than ever before.

"We're down to less than six crimes a day in the system. In 1990, we had 50 felonies a day," he says.

Some subway riders say they would like to see NYPD surveillance cameras or increased police presence on above-ground platforms. They say if a robber knows he is being watched, he will think twice before committing a crime.

Anyone with information about the subway robberies is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.