THE BRONX - New York State Police say that human remains found in Orange County are those of Ramona Moore.

Moore, 35, went missing from her Jefferson Place apartment in Claremont back in 2012. The search for her spanned New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Police say their search for Moore ended Friday morning when utility workers found skeletal remains in Blooming Grove.

Chopper 12 was above the scene where the remains were found, which is about 14 minutes from where investigators say they focused their search in Harriman State Park.

Nesean Bonie, the superintendent of the building where Moore lived, was charged with her murder. It marked the first time in New York state history that a man would be tried for murder without a body. Police say they tracked Bonie through the GPS in his cellphone the night Moore went missing.

According to court records, witnesses saw Bonie lugging what appeared to be a heavy garbage can from Moore's apartment on the night she vanished. Other tenants said they heard the two arguing over rent days before she went missing.

In January, News 12 sat down with Bonie, who insisted that he had nothing to do with Moore's disappearance.

Bonie is being charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter in Moore's death. The district attorney says that they had circumstantial evidence to charge Bonie, but could not disclose specifics.

Bonie is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.