THE BRONX - Police are investigating a possible abduction on Gillespie Avenue. 

Officers have been seen canvassing the driveway and neighborhood.

Investigators say they were alerted to a possible abduction a little after 3 p.m., Tuesday. Multiple police vehicles responded to the scene.

Neighbors who spoke with News 12 off camera say they saw a man chasing someone down the street. 

One witness says he saw the whole scene unfold, although police have not confirmed his account.

He says the victim tried to hide in an open garage, but a light-colored van, containing several allegedly armed suspects, pulled up. The neighbors say they saw the group throwing the victim in their vehicle before taking off. 

"I call them kids, but they're young men in their 20s, and they threw one kid in the back of the van," he says. "The kid like screamed...'Help me! Help me! This is not a joke.'"

Police would only confirm that they are investigating a possible abduction, and the potential suspects were possibly in a Dodge Caravan.