NORWOOD - Police are looking for a woman who they say punched a 10-year-old boy in the face.

Mohammad Almontsir was picking up bags from his father's deli in Norwood when he says the woman tried to "teach him a lesson about manners."

"The lady said I have to say 'please,'" he says.

Mohammad admits he told the woman to "mind her own business," which may have triggered her to start scolding him.

Mohammad's father, Ibrahim, says the woman started chasing his son throughout the aisles, eventually ending up back at the front of the store, where the confrontation began.

"I took a gallon of water to defend myself and then she took it and punched it away from my hand. And then I came back to the front and she punched me in my nose," Mohammad says.

Ibrahim was outside at the time. He says the hardest part about watching video of the incident is that no one else tried to step in.

"No one moved a muscle or said a word to that woman, so that hurts me too," says Ibrahim.