THE BRONX - The NYPD has stepped up its efforts in locating a missing Bronx mother, even digging up layers of concrete in front of her now-vacant home.

Police say 30-year-old Mahfuza Rahman was last seen leaving work back in December.

Over the weekend, police brought in cadaver dogs to the now-vacant residence but turned up nothing.

Neighbors say they witnessed police digging up parts of the front yard, where freshly laid concrete had been placed.

Rahman, who works as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital, allegedly had not shown up to work since Dec. 8. She was only reported missing by her co-workers on Friday.

Neighbors say that Rahman shared the home with her husband and child, and both are also unaccounted for. 

It is unknown if police have been able to contact the husband, but reports say he has fled the country.

One neighbor says Rahman's husband told him to watch his house because he was going back to Bangladesh.