THE BRONX - A new poll shows support among New Yorkersfor legalizing gay marriage is growing after years of hovering justover the 50-percent level.

Advocates are using the results in their effort to bring theissue to a vote in the state Legislature as early as this spring.

The Quinnipiac University poll found 56 percent of New Yorkerssupport legalizing gay marriage in New York.

That's up from recent polls and jump from 2004, when 55 percentopposed legalization.

The Republican-led Senate could take the issue up this year. Themeasure has strong support in the Democrat-led Assembly andDemocratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports gay marriage.

Quinnipiac questioned 1,436 registered voters from Jan. 18 toMonday. The poll released Thursday has a margin of error of plus orminus 2.6 points.