THE BRONX - The legacy of a Bronx pioneer for Puerto Ricans in politics lived on in his borough Monday.

The Morrisania post office was renamed in honor of political trailblazer Herman Badillo, who was the first Puerto Rican to be Bronx borough president, a congressional representative and the deputy mayor of New York City.

Badillo passed away in 2014, and lawmakers pushed for the name change as a tribute to his career in politics.

"What a trendsetter he was, and we have people who change the world of music and sports, you know he did it in politics," said Rep. Jose E. Serrano from the name-changing ceremony on Monday.  

Gayle Badillo, Herman's wife, was among the driving forces, or "the nudge," as politicians called her, to make the change a reality.  "He wasn't in it for himself, he wanted to help other people, he wanted to bring up people,"  she said.