THE BRONX - Neighbors on Prentiss Avenue are angry over a newly installed fence they believe could be dangerous.

The iron fence installed by Edgewater Park officials was designed to protect a playground and track area. The co-op community president says that it did not consult neighbors on Prentiss Avenue before the fence was put in place.

Neighbors complain that the fence is not cosmetically pleasing, takes up essential parking space and creates a difficult turnaround for emergency service vehicles.

Moreover, a city fire hydrant is located on the Edgewater side of the fence. Although, fire officials still have access to the hydrant through a locked gate, neighbors say that they do not feel safe.

"Our houses could be burnt down by the time they get to [the hydrant]," said Joann Mondelli, a Prentiss Avenue resident for 10 years. "No matter what, our lives are in jeopardy."

While Edgewater officials say the fence was built legally, Prentiss Avenue neighbors say they plan to take legal action.