WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is telling millions of Americans that he's sorry they're losing their current health care plans.

The public apology comes after some insurance companies began canceling policies that don't meet new, more rigorous standards under the Affordable Care Act, which has commonly become known as "Obamacare."

Obama had promised that no one would lose their current coverage under his signature health law if they wanted to keep it, but that promise was shattered for many Americans who buy their insurance on the individual market.

The president admitted that his administration wasn't as clear as it needed to be, but says he's doing everything he can to make sure people find themselves in a better position than before the law.

He's also sticking to another promise that the troubled HealthCare.gov website will be fixed by the end of the month so that people are able to get on and enroll.

House Speaker John Boehner released a new statement Thursday that calls on Obama to support a measure allowing anyone to keep their coverage if they wish.