THE BRONX - The National Transportation Safety Board plans to interview the driver of the bus that crashed on I-95 over the weekend, killing 15 people.

Officials say that driver, Ophadell Williams, has a criminal record that includes convictions for manslaughter and grand larceny. Authorities say Williams spent two years in prison for his role in a 1990 stabbing. He was also sent to prison for three more years in 1997 for stealing a check worth more than $83,000.

Investigators say they want to know what Williams ate and drank and how much he slept before Saturday's crash.

"What we need to ascertain in particular is whether or not for some reason this is an accident-prone area and we're looking at issues such as protection of immovable uprights - such as the uprights on this sign and protection for those impacted by passing vehicles," says Christopher Hart, vice chairman of the NTSB.