THE BRONX - The city's Department of Education has released a progress report that shows more of its public school students are ready for college.

Education officials say all of its 1,600 schools received a progress grade, and that the high school class of 2013 showed a nearly 3 percent jump in college preparedness compared to last year.

The report was based on three key factors that made up each school's overall score. Student progress accounts for 60 percent, student performance made up 25 percent and school environment comprised 15 percent.

Of all the schools citywide, 27 percent received an "A" grade, 36 percent got a "B" and 28 percent got a "C." Only 6 percent wound up with a "D" and 3 percent failed.

The schools progress report comes out every year for students K through 12. Some people, including Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, have criticized the findings.

A spokesperson for de Blasio says that while he supports making overall school progress reports available to parents, he would eliminate letter grades, which he feels offer little real insight to parents and are not a reliable indicator of how schools are actually performing.