THE BRONX - Hundreds of members of a Bronx mosque took to the streets Wednesday, asking for the public's help in getting their building back.

In 2008, the property of Futa Islamic Center on 3rd Avenue was sold by the state because the mosque failed to pay $25,000 in back taxes. The center's members filed an appeal and have spent months collecting donations to pay the debt.

"We plan to fight and get the property," says Sheikh Moussa-Drammeh. "If going to jail is the end, then let it be tomorrow."

Even some of the mosque's younger members have taken up the banner of protest in an effort to return the property.

"I want my house back," says Aophe Diallo. "I want the mosque back."

Protesters say they plan to do whatever it takes to save their house of worship.

"We're willing to die in that building," Mamadou Diallo says.