PELHAM GARDENS - A community is outraged after racist graffiti was found spray-painted on a Pelham Gardens homeowner's property.

The graffiti was discovered on boards surrounding the Bouck Avenue home that is undergoing renovation work.

Daudi, who moved into the neighborhood in 2014, says the graffiti shocked and hurt him. "I'm crying, definitely crying -- called the police, called my wife," says the homeowner. "We cried together. This is too much for us."

Daudi says that he is fearing for his family after the incident. He has a young daughter and his wife is expecting another child.

The graffiti appeared after he started renovations, which include demolition work in order to expand his house, about three months ago.

Daudi says he suspects that the person behind the hateful words is his next-door neighbor, who harbors jealousy about the expansion of his home.

Since he started the work, he says he has received multiple complaints through the Department of Buildings' website. DOB inspectors say the homeowner hasn't violated any regulations.

The homeowner emigrated from the Dominican Republic when he was 8 years old and he considers the Bronx his home.

As NYPD detectives investigate the crime, Daudi says renovation work will continue and that he is hoping to feel safe at his home once again.